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Garden Accessories

The garden is an important extension of your home. Embrace outdoor living with our collection of eye catching garden décor.

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shaun the sheep garden ornament
Shaun the Sheep
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timmy the sheep garden ornament
£26.00 Add to basket
gromit garden ornament
£34.00 Read more
metal cockerel
£28.00 Read more
metal fox
Metal Fox
£30.00 Read more
metal pheasant
Metal Pheasant
£32.00 Add to basket
Metal Duck
Metal Duck
£28.00 Read more
woodpecker garden ornament
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squirrel plant pot decoration
Pot Hanging Squirrel
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pig plant pot hanger
Pot Hanging Pig
£8.00 Read more
plant pot hanger
Pot Hanging Cow
£8.00 Add to basket
Fairy ornament
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