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Gifts for Her

Find the perfect gifts for her with our thoughtfully created gift guide. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, or simply to show her how much you care, we have a fantastic range of beautiful gift ideas. From handmade scented candles to luxurious toiletries and jewellery, our gifts are perfect for her.

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champagne celebration basket
Champagne Celebration Basket
£85.00 Read more
picnic hamper for 2
Blue Picnic Hamper for 2
£40.00 Read more
4 person picnic hamper
Henley Picnic Hamper
£85.00 Read more
2 person picnic basket
Baslow Hamper
£35.00 Read more
gold table mirror
Gold Monkey Table Mirror
£14.00 Add to basket
dog ornament
Dog Carrying Bucket Ornament
£12.00 Read more
textured glass candle holder
Lime Glass Candle Holder
£8.00 Add to basket
glass candle holder
Orange Glass Candle Holder
£8.00 Add to basket
glass bottle flower holder
Flower Holder
£29.00 Add to basket
bird cage lantern
Bird Cage Lantern
£10.00 Add to basket
the frog prince ornament
The Frog Prince Ornament
£29.00 Read more
rabbit ornament
Rabbit and Bird Ornament
£19.00 Read more
ceramic jug
Polly Parrot Jug
£12.00 Read more
leopard vase
Lenny Leopard Vase
£29.00 Add to basket
ceramic fish plate
Small Ceramic Fish Plate
£8.00 Read more
Ceramic Fish Plate
Large Ceramic Fish Plate
£11.00 Read more
mouse door
Miniature Mouse Door
£9.00 Read more
wine cork holder
Balloon Wine Cork Holder
£19.00 Read more
mothers day hamper
Lavender Hamper
£25.00 Read more
tea tree bath salts
Tea Tree & Lime Bath Salts
£10.00 Add to basket
lavender bath salts
Lavender Bath Salts
£10.00 Add to basket
grapefruit lip balm
Grapefruit Lip Balm
£5.00 Add to basket
pina colada lip balm
Piña Colada Lip Balm
£5.00 Add to basket
bath salts
Pressed Peonies Fairy Dust
£12.00 Read more
ceramic wax melt burner
Ceramic Diffuser with Soy Wax Melts
£14.00 Add to basket
wooden duck
Love Ducks
£26.00 Read more
silver bracelet
Silver Petal Bracelet
£14.00 Read more
stacking bracelet
Triple Bracelet
£15.00 Read more
handmade silver necklace
Raindrop Pendant Necklace
£20.00 Read more
silver heart necklace
Silver Embossed Heart Necklace
£25.00 Read more
silver ball pearl necklace
Silver Ball Pearl Necklace
£25.00 Read more
leaf candle holder
Leaf Candle Holder
£18.00 Read more
metal leaf wall art
Leaf Wall Art
£44.00 Read more
pear lantern
Pear Lantern
£34.00 Add to basket
moroccan mirror
Raindrop Mirror
£95.00 Add to basket
and they lived happily ever after sign
Happily Ever After Sign
£8.00 Add to basket
gold hare ornament
Set of 2 Hares
£30.00 Read more
gold angel wings
Gold Angel Wings
£52.00 Read more
silver angel wings
Silver Angel Wings
£48.00 Read more
grey wooden duck
Hand Painted Grey & White Duck
£18.00 Read more
painted wooden duck
Hand Painted Mallard Duck
£18.00 Read more
cream wooden duck
Large Hand Painted Cream Duck
£28.00 Read more
hand painted cream wooden duck
Hand Painted Cream Duck
£18.00 Read more
hare ornament
Resin Hare
£32.00 Read more
Drunken Duck Bottle Holder
Drunken Duck Bottle Holder
£20.00 Read more
glass jar candle
Sandalwood & Vetivert large candle
£10.00 Add to basket
neroli and jasmine candle
Neroli & Jasmine large candle
£10.00 Add to basket
Natural Duck in Boots
£18.00 Read more