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Tell the time in style with our collection of wall clocks and standing clocks. Our stunning clocks will make an impressive impact in kitchen and living spaces. With an array of styles to choose from, from industrial and contemporary wall clocks to quirky table top time pieces, there is something in our collection to suit all styles and tastes.

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industrial pipe clock
Industrial Pipe Clock
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aeroplane clock
Antique Gold Aeroplane Clock
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Porthole Wall Clock
Porthole Wall Clock
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rustic wall clock
Rustic Wall Clock
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gift for actors
Clapperboard Clock
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industrial clock
Pipe Wall Clock
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traffic light clock
Traffic Light Clock
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industrial pipe wall clock
Industrial Pipe Wall Clock
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retro radio table clock
Retro Radio Clock
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quirky table clock
Clock With Feet
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double sided wall clock
Double Sided Wall Clock
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bird feet clock
Bird Feet Clock
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bike wall clock
Bike Chain Clock
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industrial wall clock
Industrial Fly Wheel Clock
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Retro Aeroplane Clock
Retro Aeroplane Clock
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Industrial Clock with Filing Organisers
Industrial Clock with Filing Organisers
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robot clock
Robot Clock Gunmetal Grey
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robot table clock
Robot Clock Copper Brown
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french style wall clock
French Style Wall Clock
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wooden wall clock
Painted and natural wooden clock
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square wooden wall clock
Square Wooden Wall Clock
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black and gold wall clock
Black and Gold Wall Clock
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round wooden wall clock
Round Wooden Clock
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bike spokes wall clock
Bike Spokes Wall Clock
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roman numeral clock
White Roman Numeral Clock
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chain wall clock
Chain Clock
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white wall clock
White Victoria Station Wall Clock
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kensington wall clock
Kensington White Wall Clock
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black wall clock
Kensington Charcoal Grey Clock
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Square Metal Clock
Square Metal Clock
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charcoal grey wall clock
Charcoal Grey Wall Clock
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minimalist wall clock
Minimalist Wall Clock
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Film Camera Clock
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Clock with handle
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Standing clock
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Tractor clock
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Grey aeroplane clock
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Aeroplane clock
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