Japanese Bloom Fairy Dust

Japanese Bloom Fairy Dust


Relax and unwind with our vegan friendly ‘Agnes and Cat’ Fairy Dust collection. Our fairy dust powders will add fragrance and fizz to your bath, and have been carefully selected to give you a relaxing bathing experience. Our fragrances are made using high quality British fragrance oils and pure essential oils, and cocoa butter is added to gently soften your skin. Each fairy dust fragrance is beautifully presented with a wooden scoop and comes in a glass Kilner Jar which is reusable once emptied.

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    Japanese Bloom scented Fairy Dust Bath Salts. Add 2-4 scoops to a hot bath and enjoy a fragranced bath. Each jar contains 500g ‘fairy dust’ and is enough for approximately 4-5 baths.

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